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The following books provide an overview of the sequential process of growing as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Many of the authors review the disciplemaking ministry of Jesus Christ in order that we may draw on the wisdom of His methods.  But all of these books will lead you to a deeper study of this subject and of God's Word. Read the short descriptions and select a those you feel will help you in creating or leading an intentional disciplemaking journey.

Following the Master: A Biblical Theology of Discipleship by Michael J. Wilkins

In Following the Master, Michael J. Wilkins addresses these and many other questions that perplex the church today- not by offering another discipleship program or manual but by presenting a comprehensive biblical theology of discipleship.

 Growing True Disciples: New Strategies for Producing Genuine Followers of Christ by George Barna

“My study of discipleship in America has been eye-opening. Almost every church in our country has some type of discipleship program or set of activities. Stunningly few churches have a church of disciples.” –George Barna

John Wesley's Class Meetings: A Model for Making Disciples by D. Michael Henderson

In this book, Michael Henderson explores the origins of Wesley's techniques and details his "method" of creating small, interactive groups. After analyzing why Wesley's system was so effective, he shows how the class meeting serves as a model for making disciples in the twenty-first century.

Intentional Discipleship: Cultivating Spiritual Maturity in the Local Church by Ron Bennett

This book lays out what a biblical disciple of Christ looks like and how the church can create an environment geared toward making disciples and helping its people grow in spiritual maturity.

Jesus Christ, DisciplemakerJesus Christ Disciplemaker (Formerly: New Century Disciplemaking by Bill Hull

  In Jesus Christ, Disciplemaker, Hull outlines Christ's methods in training his twelve disciples and presents a biblical pattern that emulates Christ's model for reaching the lost. By taking readers through four growth phases-evangelizing, establishing, equipping, and leading-Hull shows how these principles can be adapted for any discipler.

 Personal Disciple-making: A Step by Step Guide for Leading a Christian from New Birth to Maturity by Christopher B. Adsit

The first eight chapters give practical help in what is involved in the discipling process. The next twelve chapters focus on initial follow-up of a new Christian -- the first twelve things you should do with a new believer in Christ. The final section helps the reader lay out a plan for a lifetime of discipling, using the Personal Disciplemaking Tool Kit.

Real-Life Discipleship: Building Churches That Make Disciples by Jim Putnam 

Real-Life Discipleship explains what should happen in the life of every Christian and in every small group so that the church becomes an army of believers dedicated to seeing the world saved. With the overriding goal to train disciples who know how to make more disciples, this book offers proven tools and strategies from Real Life Ministries, one of America’s fastest-growing churches. Discover what the Bible says about true and effective discipleship with these strategies and practices.

Real-The Adventure of Discipling Others: Training in the Art of Disciplemaking by Ron Bennett 

 In this handbook and Bible study you’ll learn: · Why we are called to disciple believers · What topics lay a biblical foundation for new Christians · How to develop a discipling process that fits the needs of others · How power can be gained from the sharing of common experiences Reading this book, you’ll cultivate a passion for life-to-life discipling. You’ll discover the amazing impact one life can have on another.

The Complete Book of Discipleship: On Being and Making Followers of Christ  by Bill Hull

The Complete Book of Discipleship is the definitive A-to-Z resource on discipleship for every Christian. It pulls together into one convenient, comprehensive volume relevant topics such as spiritual growth, transformation, spiritual disciplines, and discipleship in the local church and beyond. Best of all, it’s produced by The Navigators, the internationally respected organization with more than seventy years of practical discipleship ministry experience. Well organized, fully indexed, and readily accessible, The Complete Book of Discipleship will help you gain a wealth of insight from experts in the field, whether by reading it cover to cover or by finding immediate answers to specific questions.

 The Disciple-Making Church by Bill Hull

All of us, church leaders and laypeople alike, have been called by Christ to reach out to the world with the gospel. In this book, Bill Hull explains why disciple making must be the focus of every believer's life and tells how each of us can do it.

The Disciple-Making Pastor by Bill Hull, Foreword by Robert E. Coleman

Bill Hull sees a crisis at the heart of the American church today. "Disciple making is given lip service, but it is not being practiced," he writes. "We have lost the integrity of our mission." The solution is for pastors to start reproducing themselves through others. Hull's timely, practical discussion explains:

  • why discipling is crucial
  • what being a disciple-making pastor means
  • misconceptions that discourage discipleship
  • how to follow Jesus' teaching methods

Drawing on his experience as a pastor, Hull equips church leaders to build healthy Christians who will obey Christ's mandate to make disciples.

 The Lost Art of Disciplemaking by Leroy Eims

'Every believer in Jesus Christ deserves the opportunity of personal nurture and development.' says LeRoy Eims. But all too often the opportunity isn't there. We neglect the young Christian in our whirl of programs, church services, and fellowship groups. And we neglect to raise up workers and leaders who can disciple young believers into mature and fruitful Christians. In simple, practical, and biblical terms, LeRoy Eims revives the lost art of disciple making. He explains: - How the early church discipled new Christians - How to meet the basic needs of a growing Christian - How to spot and train potential workers - How to develop mature, godly leaders 'True growth takes time and tears and love and patience,' Eims states. There is no instant maturity. This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church.

The Master's Plan for Making Disciples: Every Christian an Effective Witness through an Enabling Church by Win Arn, Charles Arn

Perfect book for evangelism-minded churches and small groups. Details nine church-centered principles for reaching others for Christ through networks of family and friends.

The Master Plan of Discipleship by Robert E. Coleman

Robert Coleman's best-selling The Master Plan of Evangelism, which has sold over two million copies, told how Jesus made disciples. Now learn how the disciples did it in this companion volume. The Master Plan of Discipleship will help you discover a discipling lifestyle from the early church. "Provides the biblical blueprint for an aggressive global strategy." -- Jim Gaslow, senior pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church

 The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman

It all started when Jesus called a few men to follow him and share God's message with their neighbors. We are called to do the same. But evangelism can be difficult--even intimidating. With all the evangelism resources available, where should you turn to find advice on how to share the Good News with others? Robert E. Coleman says the answers aren't found in TV evangelism, easy-evangelism guidebooks, or the latest marketing techniques. Rather, he looks to the Bible, to the ultimate example found in Jesus Christ. "Few books have had as great an impact on the cause of world evangelization in our generation as Robert Coleman's The Master Plan of Evangelism."--Billy Graham

 The Purpose-Driven Church: Growth Without Compromising Your Message and Mission by Rick Warren

Rick Warren believes that in order for a church to be healthy it must become a purpose-driven church, built around the five New Testament purposes given to the church by Jesus. 'The issue is church health, not church growth!' declares Warren. 'If your church is healthy, growth will occur naturally. Healthy, consistent growth is the result of balancing the five biblical purposes of the church.' Rick Warren shares a proven five-part strategy that will enable your church to grow * warmer through fellowship * deeper through discipleship * stronger through worship * broader through ministry * larger through evangelism The Purpose Driven Church shifts the focus away from church building programs to emphasizing a people-building process. Warren says, 'If you will concentrate on building people, God will build the church.'

The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren

The spiritual premise in The Purpose-Driven Life is that there are no accidents---God planned everything and everyone. Therefore, every human has a divine purpose, according to God's master plan. Those who are looking for advice on finding one's calling through career choice, creative expression, or any form of self-discovery should go elsewhere. This is not about self-exploration; it is about purposeful devotion to God's directives.

Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time by Greg Ogden

Greg Ogden introduces his vision for discipleship, emphasizing that solutions will not be found in large-scale, finely-tuned, resource-heavy programs. Instead, Ogden recovers Jesus' method of accomplishing life change by investing in just a few people at a time. And he shows how discipleship can become a self-replicating process with ongoing impact from generation to generation. Biblical, practical and tremendously effective, Transforming Discipleship provides the insights and philosophy of ministry behind Ogden's earlier work, Discipleship Essentials. Together, these ground-breaking books have the potential to transform how your church transforms the lives of its people.


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